Hey You!

There were threats of nasty things being done if people didn’t learn to use commas properly on a certain internet blog.  The objects of these nasty things were going to be real live puppies! Terrible!

Now, some of us enjoy commas while admitting to not being sure about the proper use of them, but for the sake of pure fun have smattered commas about liberally in all our writing. It never hurt any one. 

Puppies never hurt any one either. The fact is, this particular Doctor of English went too far!  She is beating a dead language. She should leave little dogs alone!

Later in another entry she decried the use of “chased” in the place of “chaste” which are two very different things but which are related, when you think about it, because the boys chased the chaste girls and then when they were caught the chaste and chased were soon unchaste… well I don’t want to get all Shakespearean, what matters to me is that puppies should not be threatened as a way of inspiring proper punctuation. 

I am sure dear reader that you join me in my relief when I tell you that the above mentioned Doctor of English sent me an apology and a nice picture of a puppy.

 Puppies don’t know how bad things are!

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