Well, getting called back for a second mamogram is NO FUN AT ALL!!!
Apparently they save the pasta making machine for these call backs.  OUCH! I said to the lovely technician who was however, NOT MY TYPE, “Geez, don’t you give drugs first?” to which she answered:  “Well, we’d have a line up for mamograms if we offered them!”

Everybody thinks they are a clown it seems!

Then I headed off for an ultra sound!  (Why I dressed up for this I don’t know!) You spend a good portion of your time with your breasts in somebody’s scrutiny and well, maybe you don’t but I found myself thinking of every boob joke I ever heard.

Here’s the joke I told the technician:  Great Granny Judd was a real card.  This story happened back in the 60’s.  Granny Judd saw that her granddaughter was wearing a see-through top with no bra.  Without saying a word, she went back to her room.  A short time later she came out wearing a see-through neglige (sp?). 

Horrified my young cousin said, “Granny, you can’t go around like that, my date is going to be here any minute!”  Granny replied:  “If you can show off your rosebuds I can show off my hanging gardens!”

The good news is, it appears “it” was nothing of importance!


One thought on “Whew!

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