Reconnecting with old friends

I had the good luck to reconnect with some one I knew 30 years ago!  My life was in total disarray and I was trying over and over to extricate myself from an abusive relationship.  A mutual friend told me about a woman who was looking for someone to share her house, along with her daughter.  Her daughter was Sally, funny: sweet and kind, a few years younger than me, but far more capable, I flattered myself in thinking she was like a “little sister”.  I only lived with them for a year but it was a year of changes for me and sometimes I think it was a year that saved my life! 

I did a Facebook search and found her, we have gotten together a couple of times and I follow her posts. She is still funny, sweet and kind and probably still more capable.  Recently she took a trip to Alaska and this is one of the photos.

I am excited to have a focus for painting again!  I am also happy to reconnect with Emily Carr, the eccentric, compassionate Canadian painter loosely associated with The Group of Seven.  She traveled in B.C. and Alaska and was influenced by the art of the Coastal Kwakwaka’waka, (is this where we get our famous “WakaWaka!” expression?) Haida and other First Nations. Financial constraints forced her to end her travels.  She settled in Victoria B.C. a very conservative place at the time and almost gave up painting entirely (something I can understand completely).  Emily Carr is something of a touch stone for me.  She reminds me to paint, paint, paint or I will go mad!


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