Okay, so why when I have a painting to do, do I want to write and when I have writing to do I want to throw rocks?

I don’t want to throw rocks randomly.  I want to arrange them neatly at the bottom of the garden but while getting some good shoulder action in to it.  It’s a big hill.

The Little Art Show is coming.  I am no longer a member of the Artist’s Network of Riverdale, mainly because I can’t afford the membership this year, (taking some college courses) and because I have decided that trying to flog my paintings is just depressing which I suppose is a dumb reason for someone who suffers from chronic depression.  Nevertheless I am going to donate a painting for the upcoming fundraiser.  I have only two days to get it done.  I should be painting right now.  I love painting.  I am always happy once I get started.  What I do not enjoy is getting started. 

The same thing with writing:  As soon as I get settled in a routine I start to resent it.  It is an unfortunate pattern.  I am aware of it when I do Zazen (Zen sitting practice) which I haven’t been doing…

It's the one in the middle with the Boston terrier going crazy. The dog's name is Jim.

I will post a picture of last years submission.  I was late last year too.  I didn’t make it in on the website because of it.  But I was there, this is proof!

One thought on “Okay, so why when I have a painting to do, do I want to write and when I have writing to do I want to throw rocks?

  1. well this is years later but I only now zig-zagged to this post via your current one – & I roared at the first line, thinking of my own freelance writer life. The amount of house-clesning I have done, to give me a virtuous reason not to get past my writer’s block!

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