yesterday a chickadee landed on my skirt and hung there for a while

July 1st, 8:00
Okay, timing out the seconds it was maybe 20 seconds but it felt like a really long time. It was long enough that I did my “oh wow this can’t be happening” and then my “oh don’t screw this up, breathe…” and then he hopped off and went back to the little stream I had made from the hose coming from the rain barrels at the side of the house.  At this point he must have gotten a better look at me because he flew off, perhaps  after he did his, “oh wow this can’t be happening”, and then “oh, dear…”I have had many butterflies land on me, and dragon flies but never a bird!  It was weirder still because I almost forgot about it.  There was no one home (unusual) and I couldn’t even find a cat to tell!

So I posted it here a day later.

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