My Oldest Turns Twenty-nine and I Sent Him a Painting of Us…

He changed my life. It really needed changing.  I love all my kids but he was the one that broke down all my ideas and laid bare my heart.  After what felt like days of not getting more than a few minutes of sleep at a time I was rocking him in the basement, it was nice and cool and suddenly I just started putting all this energy into rocking as hard as I could, that rocking chair was flying!  I was almost tipping it off the slates, all my frustration and sadness and desperation just went into  rocking and I held on to him for dear life and some how he fell asleep!  When I stopped, exhausted I crawled off to bed with him in my arms and we had the most wonderful nap of our short time together.

He is often the one who lays bare my heart, maddening and thrilling son of mine.  I miss him.  He is on the other side of the continent going to university.  I am very proud.

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