Missing the cat


The strands
woven though the days,
plucked from this and that,
once annoyed me,
now I worry that they will disappear completely.

A sound
that is not your voice.
The chores
small but persistent, no longer about you.
The view,
nothing to see
and no one looking back at me…

The wind once lifted the strands of cat hair and carried them like wishes.
Now it only blows.

3 thoughts on “Missing the cat

    • Thank you. It was last April but every once in a while I find I am reminded of her. She helped me through a long illness and I became attached to her in a way I had never experienced with a pet.

      I miss your posts! My daughter got married this September. I hope to post something. I made the cake and helped her make the dress. I remembered your dress making. I was surprised by how long ago it was.

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