Ten Things to Beat the Winter Blues: Thing Seven

Remember, winter and bad stuff won’t last forever.

Just thinking about winter never ending is scary. That’s why it’s like the scariest thing in the Game of Thrones, even scarier than getting skinned alive, which, as a kid, was sort of a funny threat because of cartoons where characters could put on and take off their skins and become different characters. I always sort of suspected that the belly button was important for this ability. I am happy to say that I never tried it, but when something rotten was discovered and I was blamed, “I’m going to skin you alive!” it always made me giggle. I don’t want to delve deeper into the psychological aspects of watching too many cartoons as a child right now or why the possibility of changing my skin makes me laugh. OKAY?

I sometimes suffer from depression.  It comes on and grips me and for the duration I have to keep things small and careful, not for myself, because there is little to be done for me, even Mozart is lost to me in this consuming cacophony of negativity, but because it would make people who love me sad if they knew I was suffering, or how much.

I have lived through enough bouts of it now, that I no longer see each incidence as unique even though one of the worst aspects of depression is its overwhelming assertion that THIS IS THE MOST TERRIBLE AND UNENDING HELL.  I keep a record of bouts of depression to remind me that I have been here before.  The furniture might be slightly different but the view is the same, and that reminds me that I can and will be somewhere else, eventually.

There are plenty of people who do write and draw about it, very, very well. Sometimes reading this blog actually is just the thing.sad16alt

3 thoughts on “Ten Things to Beat the Winter Blues: Thing Seven

      • KBO indeed. Churchill called it The Black Dog, am I right? I dredge that up from somewhere… There seem to be many highly gifted and productive people who suffer from depression, but just keep KBO’ing along and achieving a great deal. Another e.g., according to websites about his work, is Monty Don, host of those extraordinarily informed and engaging world-garden series one keeps running into on TVO, PBS, Oasis etc

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