“Raise a glass and promise to support love”

The subject line just appeared on its own. That’s what I said when I had to make a toast at my daughter’s wedding. I realize that when you have had a few glasses of wine it sounds pretty good. The reality is I haven’t really got a clue how to do that. “Love” is a hard thing to define. There is the emotion, but then there are actions that it can inspire, some good, and some bad.

I think that, if I were being generous in my interpretation of what I meant by that statement, I would say, whenever unsure, chose the kindest and most generous assessment because that creates the best environment for actions of unselfish heroics. I think that people who love unselfishly always end up heroes, though perhaps only known to a small circle of friends and family.

Of course I could be confusing apples and oranges. Benedict Cumberbatch can sort it though! Click on his name to see him sort it out with a little help from the Count.  (What a sweetie!)bc

2 thoughts on ““Raise a glass and promise to support love”

    • Thank you for commenting. Are you a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch? I read you would like to be an actor. He is certainly someone to watch.

      Whenever striving for something, it is good to remember make time to play and have fun, whatever your age!

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