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I do most of my shopping with my bike (for three seasons at least). I am not a racer, a thrill seeker or a fitness buff, I am just a middle aged woman, who doesn’t want a car.

I choke at the exhaust, groan at the congestion (most with only one person per car) and sigh at the cost of maintaining roads, parking lots and the cost in medical bills due to car accidents and sometimes fear for my safety because I live in a car culture!

I am not a “cyclist”. I am a HUMAN BEING going from point A to point B on a bike.

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  1. Wow, bravo, you have more courage than I. I look at those slick winter roads, in the dim winter light, and just wouldn’t have the nerve. But I do support your point: we are human beings, trying to do something sane.

    • Thanks. Actually, I was encouraged by the video I have linked, Bicycle Dutch I am intimidated by cyclists to be honest. The shop I take my bike to is full of serious, super trim and techno savvy cyclists dressed in lycra. Then you have the other “kids” who really are quite frightening because they speed around on the sidewalks almost tipping over the oldies with their walkers! So usually I stay quiet when people are either extolling the virtues of cycling or slamming the annoyance of bikes in traffic or on sidewalks.

      I just ride my bike to shop. It’s free, except for maintenance and I should really learn to do that myself, more pleasant than the bus, which is difficult with grocery bags, and it keeps me from getting completely out of shape, but that is a secondary benefit. So I enjoyed his perspective on N.A. bike use. I found I was represented and therefore empowered.

      • I’m with you on Good Cyclists & Bad Cyclists. When it comes to pedestrians, cyclists & motorists, there is more than enough blame to go around. As well as some great acts of courtesy and care, which we must keep in mind or we’d all be terminally grumpy all the time…

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