Blaise Pascal

I thought it was just a programming language that I had no interest in…

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Blaise Pascal Blaise Pascal

Not just a computer language, not just a measurement, not just a funny name . . . Blaise Pascal entered this world on June 19, 1623. Born in the middle, between two sisters, Gilberte and Jacqueline.

Educated at home by his father, Etienne Pascal, a tax collector.

By 1631, Blaise’s father experienced a falling out with Cardinal Richelieu, yes, that Cardinal Richelieu. (I promise not to make any Musketeers references. Other than Oliver Platt will always be my favorite Musketeer, except for that reference.)

Etienne was forced to flee Paris leaving his children in the care of a neighbor, Madame Sainctot, a woman of colorful repute, who kept one of the most sought after salons in all of France. When Jacqueline, the youngest of the Pascal children, performed well in a production at Madam Sainctot’s salon, did Richelieu pardon Etienne. Allowing him back into Paris, reuniting the family.

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