I Went to a Movie Alone

My New Year’s Eve involved going to bed early. But during the day I did two things I don’t usually do, I got a burger at my favorite place and then went to watch “The Imitation Game”, by myself.

I had considered a few of the people I could ask to go with me but I wanted to go that day and not be swayed into putting it off or just giving up due to the lack of enthusiasm and spontaneity of others. So much to my amusement, there were more “singles” there than I had ever seen at a theatre before. Single seating does tend to make the audience look bigger at first. Every one first sits in the middle row, in the middle, and with at least two seats (one being an empty seat buffer) to every person and then they spread out from there. Gradually, the gaps start to fill in as, you guessed it, singles have to bunch together to allow seating for couples and triples…The other difference I saw in this audience from the usual was how many white haired people there were, so many that anyone without white hair stood out. Perhaps all the young people were getting dressed up for a New Years Eve bash?
The Imitation Game is about code breaking in the WWII but really about Alan Turing. It is one of the most tragic stories about a genius that I know. Given that some tweaking of the chronology was done, and with a few emphasis adjustments,it pretty much illustrates how amazing it is that our species survives given that we are so often offended by the irrelevant and yet thrilled about violence, whether it is the bureaucratically sanctioned kind or just your usual bloody thugism. Is Thugism not a word? Weird, it is so prevalent.

It’s a really good movie. You should see it. There’s even a joke in the middle.

4 thoughts on “I Went to a Movie Alone

  1. It is a tragic story, you’re right. I’m glad the movie lives up to the human story that inspired it, and does that story justice. So far I’ve only seen Cumberbatch in the Sherlock TV series, & thought him brilliant (in an all-round brilliant series). So glad to know that he has the stature for the ‘big screen’ as well.

    • I love Sherlock too, but Cumberbatch has done some nice work that rarely gets mentioned.

      I thought it was well done. I had to sit for a while to gather my armour afterwards and yet it is one of the few times I have been in an audience that also sat through the credits. A sign of a very impactful film.

  2. My friend Leslie (who is now the wife of Arto from the Blog of Funny Names) went to a movie alone as an assignment for a high school psychology class. The idea was to break cultural norms, so she went there as though she was on a date, and laughed loudly and put her arm around the seat next to her, and kept looking to her side. Yet she was all alone!

    And the Imitation Game is a big reason why Benedict Cumberbatch was our 2014 Horsey Award winner for Name of the Year! Great movie!

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