It’s not a Grow-Op It’s a Sew-Op

hey, I got busy avoiding something I should be doing and re-read my post in “Quilting is my Addiction”. It really is. If I am not working on something I feel antsy!

Quilting is My Addiction

It started innocently enough, I sprained my ankle and was spending too much time snacking while watching television. I needed something to do with my hands.

I started embroidering bookmarks, napkin holders and squares.  I got huge bags of multicoloured thread from the store I always said I would not shop at because they moved in and began putting all the Canadian versions of the same sort out of business.  They must put something in the company Kool-aid because I over heard a woman tell a sales person there that she loved her.

When it came time for the sales person to help me I said, “I like you.  I can’t say I love you, yet…” and she responded, “I love you! Jesus loves you too!” 

I didn’t want to argue, she hadn’t told me where I could find the article I was looking for yet, but she was not…

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