I had another face painting gig!

The girl who had the birthday has invited me to paint faces every year for the last three years. When I met her it was at her dad’s client appreciation party. She wanted to be a clown. She was a very intense little girl. (Most of my favourite women were once intense little girls). She is still intense at six but now is also very kind and generous. It was one of the nicest (and intense) group of kids I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Now I say “work with” not intending to be entirely facetious. By the age of six imaginative thinking is an engine in kids. One must work with it or be prepared to be run over.

The biggest challenge of the day was “Rainbow Kitty Kat”. It required I use every colour in my box. The satisfaction with the result made the effort worth it. I wish I had taken a photo.

I took no photos because I did not stop for two hours straight. The line just got longer. I didn’t paint every one of the twenty-five kids at the party but almost. Once the water balloons came out (and washed most of the paint away) and then the pizza arrived, my job was done.

This photo was after the chanting of “CUPCAKES! CUPCAKES! CUPCAKE!” I mumbled something about “Lord of the Flies”, the only person who laughed in agreement was a grandmother, about my age.

L’s mom told me she told her, “Rio theClown is the best face painter ever! She can do anything!”

I wonder if I can keep up my repertoire to meet L’s expanding expectations, or if I will have to pass my brushes and paints off to a younger, stronger clown.lager pic of kids (2)

sixth bday cupcakes

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