Awesome, Bizarre, Mundane, Disturbing, Inspiring…

This photo I snarfed off the photo site the parents are using to dump pictures of the funny little new man.

I think she has that same exhausted yet loving look that Scully always had for Mulder.  And he is definitely is thinking about alien abductions.

*play the Xfiles theme song*
Yes I am a lemming.  I am watching the X-files series over again and I will go to the movie.
I want to believe.  DO YOU?  They are out there.  He knows.  (Of course he doesn’t know what birds are yet but they ARE OUT THERE.)

Today on Facebook I read a posting from a friend of a friend who is in Lesvos Greece, working at a refugee center, a link to an advice column called, “She Divorced Me Because I Left a Cup in the Sink” and countless other sundries, like neat things to do with odd socks.
I did a search for pricing a convection hot plate and now I get a million ads pasted to every media page for, you guessed it, convection hot plates.  But Home Depot has a facebook page too now and they friended me so I friended them back…

2 thoughts on “Awesome, Bizarre, Mundane, Disturbing, Inspiring…

  1. Maybe your ‘funny little new man’ is thinking about Hitchcock’s movie The Birds… And maybe the woman who can’t put up with a cup in the sink should read about life in the Lesvos refugee centre & get a little perspective …

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