As the Concussion Clears…

I want to soften my tone. Since my first post about my ordeal I have seen a lot of medical personnel and they have all been lovely.
Most notably a strange plastic surgeon who made me laugh and gave me a story that I have shared and shared and made others laugh with.
I was scared waiting to see the Ear Nose and Throat guy because I had no idea if it would hurt or how much or if my nose would have to re-broken etc.  My daughter her husband and four month old were waiting and I didn’t know how long anything would take, feeling bad about all the inconvenience I have heaped on wonderful friends and family.
I sat in the exam chair gripping the arm rests and a doctor in very new blue scrubs walked by, looked at me and said, Don’t I know you?
I looked like a pretty gruesome stiff…
I said, I must just have one of those faces.
He returned, No, I think we’ve met…
Perhaps the Zoo, AT THE PANDA EXHIBIT?
Later I thought of this one:”THE FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB…”

It must be hard working in a downtown ER where you help the same people over and over and yet you can’t really help them at all. You witness hopelessness over and over and you get jaded.You work twelve hour shifts and days get strung together without end and its hard to muster any emotion other than exhaustion.

What has to change is the way we make E.R. staff work. We have to allow them reasonable work environments and improve the scope of what they can do on an individual basis. Then the brightest of the bright, our doctors, can do all sorts of healing, maybe starting with themselves.

And yes, for me at least, laughter is the best medicine.


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