Quilting is My Addiction


I am very happy to have the sun streaming in my kitchen. I am in a basement apartment; however there is a field across from it and so little to stop the light in the afternoon from filling my front room with new patterns cast on familiar spaces.

I took this to celebrate a new water pitcher I bought to replace the old broken glass one but I like the way it shows so clearly the stitching on the placemats. They were some of the first things I made when I began quilting just five years ago. (My stitches on them were “too large” according to a quilter in her 80’s.)

The puckers and textures produced by stitches are really appealing and what first attracted me to quilting, besides the colours and geometrical designs of course. Recently, while visiting relatives, I had a chance to admire an heirloom quilt, nicely displayed…

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