What a Wonderful Waste of Time!

I joined a closed group on Facebook for A Poem A Day this month!

I got SO OBSESSED with checking to see if I got a like I had to leave my phone at home, (crazy really, what if I had another fall?) but how could I complain about young people on their phones constantly if I was doing the same?
I spent a morning
writing a poem, good or bad,
it was wonderful.
I know so many people in pain. Angry, and old and watching everything change and fighting with their grown-up children–if they are lucky–many never hearing from them any more, telling me how all their work for love has come to this. And I can’t do anything but nod and drink my Tim Horton’s coffee. I can’t tell them how I spent my morning, ashamed to be so happy. I can’t tell them:
“when you were young,
before you could write a poem,
you were a poem”.

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