Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

This is funny. I am posting this again because i can’t think today. I have a feeling it might be a while before i can.

Seriously Clowning Around

8. Try to cheer up an on-line tech support person at your wireless phone providers website.

When she typed, “It’s my pleasure to help you.”  I typed back: “OMG you mean they don’t pay you?”  Which got a “har, har” and then she told me that she does in fact get paid. 

I tried to go with another company.  My choice in new provider seemed fitting because it was a really windy day yesterday, my contract was finished with the other company and due to watching WAY TOO MUCH TELEVISION this holiday season I heard about their GREAT DEALS.  I need very little from a wireless phone as I work at home. You can call it working.  Okay, I’m feeling blue again. I gave up switching because I don’t have a drivers license and I don’t know where my expired passport has gotten to and their debit machine was not working and…

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