War Like

Unwind the balls of barb wire and stretch them out across the land that stood in perfection. 
Take that understanding that had the strength of a heart beat, that was a sound as big as an ocean, that made us say, “I know that sound!” and make it academic. Put it in a library somewhere far away and then say, “it never was for you to understand”. 
And with it 
the light that stretches from one horizon to the other, 
the wind that circles while panting, panting with the breath, 
the water that falls, that funnels, dances and destroys, 
the trees and plants and miniscule things growing, 
the uncurling grasp of a baby’s fist, the fluttering lids of the dying, 
and deliver your surgery:
this declaration, your pretense of history:
“You shall always be divided against yourself along this line and from all who are not you.”
It is no less.

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