Ten Things to Beat the Winter Blues, Number Four: Artsy Stuff

pennypaint 014I wanted to get some photos of the ice coating the tree branches reflecting the sun.  The sky was that heart stopping-ly blue, blue, blue, the kind  that makes peoples of northern climes simultaneously chime with awe and shiver with cold.

Alas my camera is not the best.  I tip my hat to the brave photographers who climb over ice and snow to get photographs. In truth it is the photographer in this case who really is limited.  I love winter vistas but only when looking out at them from the warmth of a 21st century home equipped with thermal windows, central heating and electricity…

Speaking of which, our little disaster here in Scarberia with the lack of power and heat ended far more quickly than the more painful lack of internet and television!  For the news I had my 92 year old mother, her radio still had working batteries. With her head phones on she would give me updates.  “Still cold, still without heat and power in many homes…”  🙂

Sometimes making a big deal about New Years it is not very helpful to people with the blues.  I think that is the subject of another post.   I went to dinner and a movie with friends and was in bed before midnight, it was just enough to be lovely.  Resolutions?  NO!

I had a few projects to work on once the power came back.  Here is a photo of me working on “Penny”.  You can see I feel pretty good about it.

pennypaint 007

Ten Things to Beat the Winter Blues

Thing Three: Angels among us

Diva was a great old friend and companion. She was a person cat. She appeared in the garden shortly after our cat was hit and killed by a car. She looked almost like our cat, Princess Po Po. (Young daughter named her!)

Even though she was a beautiful Maine Coon it seemed no one owned her. She had a sub-dermal tag from the Humane Society so someone loved her once but the address with the tag did not turn up an owner.

I was going through CHOP chemo for stage 4 Non-hodgkins lymphoma and it was really painful. Diva moved in and would lie on top of me purring. It was really healing. 30937_600

She lived with us for eleven years until last spring. I am still in remission!

I found a book that I thought really captured what our animal angels can do for us. It was called, “My Cat Saved My LIfe”. It is an inspiring story of learning how to move through grief into life, as taught by a cat.

Jazz’n Buttons

img046 (2)

I actually know Buttons. He is the mostly black cat painted here. He lived at my house for a while. He was a bit insecure at first. Diva seemed determined to keep him “below stairs” which was funny because he looks like a butler.

He is now residing with two lovely humans and a menagerie of creatures which include Jazz, the mostly white cat. He has grown into his uniform. He is now the concierge.

It is a gift for one of his humans. I got a migraine from the weird barometric flux going on in this part of the world so it was painted with one eye closed. I don’t know how successful this painting is so tell me what you think.