Last Year I tried to come up with Ten Things to Beat the Winter Blues

I think I quit after six. 

This year we have NOT had the power go off nor have we been without heat for several days. We did NOT have a tree fall on our shed! I have not gotten the flu, an infection or been bitten by a dog. We do not have to replace something expensive like the chimney liner. Things are going pretty good.

So why do I feel like the sky is about to fall on my head?

Thing Ten to Beat the Winter Blues!

ImageGet really sick with flu, get better and then get bitten by the neighbours dog.  It puts things in to perspective right?  Unlike a trip to somewhere nice and warm that you have to return to only to find it is still winter, having an even worse time than you thought you could possibly ever have during one of the worst winters makes you appreciate things getting even a little better.

For instance, the site of the dog bite really itches now.  That means it is healing.  Now I just have to work on my fear of leaving my own house and being bitten by a deranged escaped dog.  Oh and I don’t have to take any more antibiotics!  Hooray!!!