a thread through time

An old friend, who is someone I have known for a L O N G time, heh, see, I made a funny, old, and old… never mind, well he is leaving town and so we got together for a few hours last Sunday and walked around Edward’s Gardens for a bit.  The day was warm and the place was packed with people but one could still find a quiet bench to sit on.  I took a few photos with my phone.  I know!  I still can’t get over all the things my phone can do well!

It was good to see kids poking sticks in a lazy creek.  Baseball hats or no, it’s a scene that threads through the history of human kind and it made me smile.


children don’t editorialize

Children don’t editorialize because they are too busy gathering information.

We should try not to confuse them with our assumptions and opinions, instead we can help them organized information so that they can make use of it.  What is of use to them at their stages of development and their individual personalities can find expression in relatively inexpensive and creative ways.  The important thing is what is going on in their brains, how they are learning to learn and that they have an opportunity to “play” with what they learn.