Not Breaking out of my Comfort Fuzz.

That’s okay.  It will all work out. Spring will come. Just you wait and see.

That is my Comfort Fuzz working. 

It was suggested that I break out of my ‘comfort zone’ recently. I would like to point out that it is not really a Zone it is a more like a very small localized area of Fuzz.  It includes my really comfortable sandals, a great big soft fluffy housecoat, my favourite mug and my very old cat. I get can really upset about things, like foreign investors buying up local farmland to build a pit mine or gangland shootings in my neighbourhood and the terrible state of public transit in Toronto, but before I get in front of the computer to write a really scathing letter to someone, I find once again, I am in The Comfort Fuzz.

I have a vague nagging concern that it is this sort of non-responsiveness that turned the world into crap. 

Naw! Silly me! I just want more yummy Xmas cookies!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!