Thing Ten to Beat the Winter Blues!

ImageGet really sick with flu, get better and then get bitten by the neighbours dog.  It puts things in to perspective right?  Unlike a trip to somewhere nice and warm that you have to return to only to find it is still winter, having an even worse time than you thought you could possibly ever have during one of the worst winters makes you appreciate things getting even a little better.

For instance, the site of the dog bite really itches now.  That means it is healing.  Now I just have to work on my fear of leaving my own house and being bitten by a deranged escaped dog.  Oh and I don’t have to take any more antibiotics!  Hooray!!! 


Thing number one: Find inspiring stories of creativity and post them in your blog!

This guy, does stuff in the snow that is mind-blowing! Seriously, check it out! I’m told this is why the Aliens won’t destroy the planet. This link comes to me via a professor, a doctor of English, but she has written a lot about Science Fiction, like the popular series Star Gate, and appeared on a documentary about it. I feel that this makes her tremendously qualified to make that assertion!

I am heading into the S.A.D. days of winter. That means I will post, intermittently things that I am checking out to beat my seasonal affected disorder. I don’t know if S.A.D. is recognized as a legitimate disorder but I like that the acronym spells how I feel for several weeks each year.

Activities to beat the Winter Blues

1. Snowshoeing.

It’s hilarious and just thinking about it makes me giggle. See it’s for walking on top of mounds of snow, like you might find out where they used set traps in the winter, you know, places where no man has been before, or at least not many…You have to sort of swing you leg around in a BIG ARCH and then *hop* to loosen the snow from it so you can lift your foot again. But now people do it for FUN!

Oh wait!  They went and improved the shape and made them lighter.  When I tried it forty years ago they were shaped like tennis rackets, made out of sapling wood and animal gut, and weighed a TONNE.  Oh that’s not very funny unless, according to You Tube at least, you get hurt.

I am sad.  I will have to come up with another winter activity to beat the blues…