My Painting of Jim and his friends sold!

It sold for $130!  This year they actually are keeping contact information of the people who chose to give the information to the artist and so I have a new person to put on my contact list.

*does the Snoppy dance of glee*

In case you didn’t see it the first time here is what it looks like (actually size 8″x11″ hence the “Little Art Show” title):

Grumpy the Clown gets Elected!

His slogan is “It can’t get any worse.” which is affirmative, I think…

Anyway, I think, as part of a visual minority, it’s great to see representation, although politics are just too bizarre for my taste.

Grumpy is called “Tiririca the Clown”.  He is an elected official in Brazil, for now, they want him to get tested to see if he is literate but unless they test everyone I don’t think it’s fair.

I drank a beer and watched Slaughterhouse Five and wrote this.

 I get drunk on one beer.

Vonnegut. Kurt Vonnegut. He wrote a book called Slaughterhouse Five. But I seem to remember reading that he thought of calling it “The Children’s War” because that was what they were, children, all of them, when they went off to war…

Kurt Vonnegut taught me how to be a human being without having my heart break.

I think it is possible that he is dead. He might have died long ago. I don’t keep track of these things. It’s funny because when I talk about Kurt Vonnegut I always want to say, “he told me…” rather than “I read in his book” or “he wrote in his book”. I know I never met him but I also know something else. This is what I know:

I remember a lover once said to me , “…It’s just as possible that all that hair you find on your clothes is not coming off the cat, but actually is on the way to the cat, that a cat is actually a small contained quantum irregularity.”, I laughed. It still makes me laugh. It will always make me laugh.

In the end the disappointments don’t matter. In the end we all get to be Billy Pilgrim. “Hello, Fare well, Hello, Fare Well…”