Sunday with Wednesday the dog!

On Sunday I got to look after Wednesday. She was a rescue. She had been used to breed puppies. Now she lives with lovely Chaase and Meagan who were away for the day to watch the Pride Parade. Toronto is hosting International Pride Week!

Wednesday would not chill out and just watch t.v. At one point she did have a nap (as did I) in the backyard but in view of the car.

2014-06-29 11.20.42

She just wanted to check over and over…


She ran around a bit…

2014-06-29 11.53.17

but it always lead to the door.

2014-06-29 12.35.53

Food was a distraction.

2014-06-29 12.35.58

But before long she wanted to check again…

2014-06-29 15.53.55

She looks like an Ewok!

She knew they wouldn’t leave the car… Dogs are more like little children than cats, even when they are smaller than a cat. I remembered a very young child in my care for the first time would have behaved in the same way.

Poor pet was exhausted. She fell asleep under the kitchen table shortly after they arrived. That little dog can snore!

Went to a free event at the Roger’s Center

As we were lined up I queried, “Are we sure this is not a culling? I don’t want to end up as Solent Green!”

But in truth it was pretty awesome getting to run (sort of) the bases and see kids living out one or more of their baseball dreams. 2014-06-15 16.26.19

2014-06-15 16.15.22 Can YOU name the Blue Jay?  Okay, time’s up!  Devon White!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Awesome!

2014-06-15 16.19.49 Looking sharp in his Devon White autographed hat.

2014-06-15 16.23.22 and  Feeling fine.  In the bull pen.  I think that’s what it’s called…

Blaise Pascal

I thought it was just a programming language that I had no interest in…

The Blog of Funny Names

Blaise Pascal Blaise Pascal

Not just a computer language, not just a measurement, not just a funny name . . . Blaise Pascal entered this world on June 19, 1623. Born in the middle, between two sisters, Gilberte and Jacqueline.

Educated at home by his father, Etienne Pascal, a tax collector.

By 1631, Blaise’s father experienced a falling out with Cardinal Richelieu, yes, that Cardinal Richelieu. (I promise not to make any Musketeers references. Other than Oliver Platt will always be my favorite Musketeer, except for that reference.)

Etienne was forced to flee Paris leaving his children in the care of a neighbor, Madame Sainctot, a woman of colorful repute, who kept one of the most sought after salons in all of France. When Jacqueline, the youngest of the Pascal children, performed well in a production at Madam Sainctot’s salon, did Richelieu pardon Etienne. Allowing him back into Paris, reuniting the family.

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Broadview Streetcar

Went to the Riverdale Art Walk with Iceland Penny yesterday. Had a wonderful and exhausting time!

She said she liked streetcars. I once painted one, from the inside. Here it is:


Also the photo I took for it:streetcar

I am not any sort of genius but I am good at copying stuff. 😛

I try to buy something small when I go. This year I got a print of Lorie Slater’s, a wonderful photographer. It will make a perfect gift for a visiting relative. She is from a place that doesn’t have graffiti art. Imagine!

Played “The Walking Dead, Best Defence” Game!

I love zombies. I love a good scare that won’t lead to any actual pain. I got hooked and then unhooked and then hooked again on the Walking Dead t.v. show. But what I have never been unhooked from is the love of a good board game!

This game is deceptively good and while you might have anterior motives to the group, in general you have to work together. Your power to lead is tested too as once a round you are the Sheriff. 🙂  True to form Andrea was always whining about keeping her daddy's gun! And yes, it has Daryl. pffffffffffffff
walking deadI didn't like all the cardboard pieces and so have taken on the job of making tiny zombies for the next game!

Limitations:  Unless you buy an expansion for the game it is only four players. The choice of characters is limited and some of them are dead now. 😛
We played for a few hours in “beginner mode”. We successfully survived! These guys are serious board gamers and they all gave the game the thumbs up!

I can see how it would become really challenging with the restrictions on disclosure in the more expert modes but when learning the rules which can be a confusing, definitely start at beginner!