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puppyBorder Collie Their mom told me that every shop they went into they were given treats, even donuts at one place. They stopped on the way home and performed the theme song to Star Wars in barks!

They were very still, at this age kids (and puppies!) are usually able to “sit”, if they are happy, or waiting for a treat!

Face Painting for Kids

Let them chose what they want to be!

Let them choose what they want to be!

Start with Basic Templates!
The important thing to remember when painting kids faces is that they often have a very vivid picture of exactly what they want to portray.

Have a poster with a few ideas ready beside you that they can look at while they are lined up. Be prepared to adapt your template of faces to satisfy them and remember, their imaginations are boundless.

Shy kids will often hang back for a while so let them. Do not press them to step up. Once they see the fun other kids are having they will often surprise you with how chatty they become. It is wonderful to see them transform into wild animals, monsters or magical beings when they see their reflections!

Use high quality, non-toxic face paints, keep your brushes clean and wipe them with an antibacterial solution between paintings. Reassure parents of the safety precautions you take or list them clearly on your poster.

Remember, do not take any pictures of children without permission. If you intend to publish the pictures on your website or promotional material have the parents sign a release.

Finally, remember to have fun. If you are outside under the sun stay hydrated and take breaks.

Being a clown is a special privilege. Face painting children is about fun first and artistry second so listen closely to the child, encourage him to express what he would like to portray and honor it!

Designs can vary from flowers, butterflies and stars to logos, team symbols and flags. Keep a good selection of colours for every possibility!

I once had a young man ask me to paint the Stanley Cup on his face and I am sorry to say, I didn’t know what it looked like! I did a sort of generic winners goblet on a square base all in grey with a bit of sparkle dust! I am happy to say the young man was quite pleased with it.

Designs usually appeal to the kids who do not want full face paint. Glitter adds drama to any design so have lots of colours to choose from. Check if the parents think they are old enough to understand not to rub their faces if there is glitter going on. It’s best to save this for older kids and adults.

Flowers can grow in vines from the forehead right to the collar bone. Five petalled flowers in many colours connected by green vines are nice. Stars, lightning bolts and diamonds are also popular.

Scenes are fun and can involve a bit of artistry as you mix paint to create sunsets and underwater landscapes. A popular scene is of space with a rocket shooting to the stars.

Water soluble paints offer the most freedom when it comes to blending. Use a high quality non-toxic product like Snazaroo™

Apply the base colour first with a barely damp sponge. If the sponge is too wet it will give a streaky effect.

If your design has lighter and darker colours, apply the lighter ones first. The make-up can be mixed to provide new colours.



It was suggested that a clown might be too scary for small children so I went just as Rio the Facepainter. First up was this little girl who wanted to be a clown! Ha!

She told me she was going to be a facepainter when she grew up!

more than honey

more than honey, honey!

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More Than Honey (2012) 

The documentary More than Honey is an in-depth look at honeybee colonies in California, Switzerland, China and Australia. Without the pollination provided by honey bees an incalculable amount of the food we eat would simply not be produced. Oscar-nominated documentary maker Marcus Imhoof – grandson of a professional beekeeper – investigates this critical issue in More than Honey.



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