It’s Thursday! A new painting of a cute dog!

I am going to try to get back to posting every Thursday.  I have been busy.  I got a small contract that remained small considering what I got paid (entirely my own fault but mistakes are LEARNING EXPERIENCES riiiiiiight) and now that it is done I realized how much I missed doing things other than document formatting.

I got started painting again.  I am still working on my quilts and you can see the progress over at:

I am going to continue working on paintings inspired by the great collection of pics I have saved.  I have a small area set up in my “office” to paint.  Young Son has come home to  fatten up and so I moved out of “his room” again. Thankfully I have everything on wheels, yes I have done this before, three kids, all in their 20’s… Here is the next instalment of my painting endeavour:

This was based on an original photo by Alexis Bywater.  You can check out her stuff at