I Was Going to Say, “See, That Didn’t Hurt”.

But maybe it did hurt you.

The fact is, when we are confronted by results we didn’t expect it can feel really painful. And its even more difficult, to move through that pain to make a choice to change. We are often tempted to pretend that the thing that shook us from our expectations didn’t happen, not the way we were told, that it was unjust, unfair and now we don’t have any choice but to grumble about it or simply react with anger.

But that is the choice, to be ignorant. The choice is to become just another curmudgeon or wackadoo who everyone ignores as soon as you can’t be a bloody terror anymore. Don’t be either. Be wiser.

Stand back, stand down, breathe deeply, you were mistaken, even mislead. And even though it hurts, you will be better for moments of reflection. You are not a weapon for any ideology, or anyone’s rhetoric. You are an human being and you can always turn away from hatred and violence.

Turn away from hatred and violence.