Be Fearless.

This is a great article about growing old and expressing oneself. 

I read a line in a short story recently that went something like, “She figured things out too late” and I thought to myself, well how sad is that. But then I thought of another quote I read recently that went: “We do Zen practice so we can enjoy our old age.” and somehow I felt better. I have often felt I realized things too late you see, and yet here I am, still alive!

Zen practice teaches that awareness is not a possession or even a tool, it is the constant arising of this moment. For some it is what they call “God”. It teaches us to live in imperanence. “Too late” is not sad. To realize  is to realize now.

 How we express our understanding is not dependant on criteria we stuggled with at 20, 30 or even 40 years of age, and it is a waste of effort if we try to repeat the “look”.

For those who don’t know it, I am mad about Kaffe’s fabrics.  He is a wonderful artist. 

another one of my paintings…

That’s my daughter and son as they were many years ago. 

They weren’t really leaving but there is something about walking on railroad ties that stirs the poet in my heart.  I suppose because the railroads changed the world so dramatically at one time they got written into our DNA, with a lot of bad Ogden Nash poetry. So this is sentimental and trite (?) perhaps, but it’s not for sale so never mind.

The plume on her head is a pony tail.  She liked me to fuss with her hair, even though I was completely inept at it, as you can see.