A Place of Refuge — WALKING WOMAN

25 February 2020 – I am semi-lost, my usual condition when a-foot on the UBC campus, but not bothered by it. First, I’m only semi-lost; I always find my destination eventually. And, second, there are always discoveries along the way. So here I am on Memorial Road, just off Main Mall and heading for East […]

via A Place of Refuge — WALKING WOMAN

I realized the other day that I love getting lost. I think it is the best thing about my life now. I can get lost and not worry about it. My destinations are all the same but my getting lost is a different story every time.



I have come to the conclusion that writing means pulling yourself up out of the rubble of your dreams of being a writer and just getting on with it, sometimes one painful word at a time. Hell, it’s just learning to push through fear and expectation on bad days, and on good days closing the door gently on them saying, “go on, I’ll join you later, I just have to finish this page…”