A Place of Refuge — WALKING WOMAN

25 February 2020 – I am semi-lost, my usual condition when a-foot on the UBC campus, but not bothered by it. First, I’m only semi-lost; I always find my destination eventually. And, second, there are always discoveries along the way. So here I am on Memorial Road, just off Main Mall and heading for East […]

via A Place of Refuge — WALKING WOMAN

I realized the other day that I love getting lost. I think it is the best thing about my life now. I can get lost and not worry about it. My destinations are all the same but my getting lost is a different story every time.


2 thoughts on “A Place of Refuge — WALKING WOMAN

  1. thanks for this! I’m honoured — and I share your attitute to getting “lost.” In quotes, because as you point out, it’s often all about we we find as a result, and there is no loss.

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    I see how busy and focused my adult children are and I feel so lucky to have lived long enough that chores are a pleasure and getting lost an adventure. There are so many things that are amazing, surprising and inspiring that in the rush of getting by (I accidentally spelt it “getting BUY” perhaps more apt?) you miss, though I think they do well enough, considering.

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