The Coldest February On Record!

buddha This week at the sitting with the Toronto Zen Community, the teisho was the “Master Ma is ill”. Hekiganroku Case 3, Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha. I was almost moved to tears. A little about what is going on for me. I have occasional bouts of depression that are very physical. I ache all over and it seems that sad facts stick to me like tissue paper does to polyester when the air is too dry. This trek to “the dark mountain” has been accompanied by various concerns and the coldest winter on record. I have succumbed to this state where I plod through my day as the winds of too much thinking and too much pain swirl around  accompanied by Winston Churchill’s Black Dogs barking and Hannibal Hector’s favourite play list.

Now when I say “almost moved to tears” I need to say, we sit in Zazen during the teisho, neither looking left or right, eyes partially open and not focused on anything in particular. The posture of Zazen is not severe, it is pliant and strong and ultimately the best way to be present and avoid sinking into the mutterings of rumination. Tears are not usual but not a problem while sitting. You just let them fall without concern. They often are followed by a a clarity that is very, very good, and if nothing else, I can blow my nose and clear my sinus!

So, What is “Sun Faced Buddha”? What, or who is “Moon Faced Buddha”? Things get very simple when you are in pain. There is no separation between the day and night. One Buddha might live a long, long time, another, only a very short time. But Buddha arises, from where we sit on this ball speeding through the cosmos?

Free from suffering, each sits up as Buddha.

It is not about not feeling, not thinking. You don’t “Zen out”. It allows me to realize a context larger than that which can perpetually obsess one. For this I do Zazen. Not to escape or mellow out, but to be open, to be unafraid, to be helped up with Sun Faced Buddha, Moon Faced Buddha, as I am pitched two and fro in this little boat on this vast ocean that is life.

A Name for the Ages: Oliphant Chuckerbutty

Soorjo Alexander William Langobard Oliphant Chuckerbutty is a name for all ages!

The Blog of Funny Names

“Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room.”–Winston Churchill

In the beginning, there was Outerbridge Horsey.  And Outerbridge Horsey begat Outerbridge Horsey, Jr., who begat Outerbridge Horsey III, who begat Outerbridge Horsey IV and so on through Outerbridge Horsey VII, who still lives today.   And collectively, The Horseys begat the blog of Funny Names which became the bible of funny names.

Now, unto us a king is given.  Behold a new dawn and a New Testament of funny names.

I give you, Oliphant Chuckerbutty.  Or in full, Soorjo Alexander William Langobard Oliphant Chuckerbutty.   (note: he apparatently also was known at times as Wilson Oliphant, but why he would ever go by anything other than Oliphant Chuckerbutty is beyond me.).

No, not that Oliphant. No, not that Oliphant.

The esteemed Mr. Chuckerbutty (1884-1960) was a church and cinema organist, as well as composer of organ music…

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Last Year I tried to come up with Ten Things to Beat the Winter Blues

I think I quit after six. 

This year we have NOT had the power go off nor have we been without heat for several days. We did NOT have a tree fall on our shed! I have not gotten the flu, an infection or been bitten by a dog. We do not have to replace something expensive like the chimney liner. Things are going pretty good.

So why do I feel like the sky is about to fall on my head?

February | Week One | Reading List and Voting Poll

Some good writing here! Wow.

Brigit's Flame Writing Community

Guten tag mein Flamen!

Welcome to the first reading list of our drabble extravaganza.
Let’s welcome the return of bluegerl after her few months hiatus and embrace our returning friend balloonhat with joy.
I’m happy to see all of the submissions. I’ve been receiving notice of them dropping in all week and each alert made me smile. Let’s dive in!

This list is made up of submissions written for the drabble prompt – Curiouser & curiouser.

Title: Onward
Author: amri
Word Count: 100
Warnings: none really

Title: Abrupt
Author: ayumidah
Word Count: 100
Warnings: none

Title: Curiosity’s Toll
Author: Balloonhat
Word Count: 100
Warnings: None really? I warn you that it’s been years since I wrote anything. Pardon the rustiness.

Title: Curiouser and Curiouser
Author: bardiphouka “bardi”
Word Count: 98
Warnings: none

Title: People
Author: darlinleo
Word Count: 99
Warnings: none

Title: This Curious Life
Author: missflyer
Word Count: 90

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