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I’m Rio, most of you know that already, but it wasn’t always the case, so I am very happy to see my name listed on this wonderful book. I am sorry that I was unwell and couldn’t attend the launch, but I am so proud to be included with these women, many of whom I met at Sister Writes. They inspired me to push beyond my comfort levels and share a bit of my history. And they continue to inspire me to write with their brilliance.

and of course the cover…


Bloor protected bike lane update

hey, this is my town!


The section of the Bloor bike lane between Bathurst and Spadina has been closed for several months while sewer work was being done. At the same time, the city took the opportunity to upgrade the bike infrastructure along this stretch. This past weekend, the paving was completed, and road markings went down, and so it is easy to visualize what the finished product will look like.

Biking east, just past Bathurst, you can see the new pavement and road markings.


Here are two pictures by Lee’s Palace from Oct 30 (left) and today. You can see where the raised portion of the bike lane will be, to the right of the raised curb.

Here at Brunswick, the bike lane moves to the left past the allowed parking spaces. The concrete work still needs to be completed here, and then they can lay the gravel that will be under the raised…

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Video: Leonard Cohen — Happens to the Heart — Vox Populi


I had a good cry over this one. Somehow I never got around to missing him until I saw this. As a teen I obnoxiously memorized his poems and when drunk or high enough, would recite them. The day I got married I snuck into the bathroom and said, “good-bye Leonard, I’ll never be with you now…” (dramatic huh?) And my very good friend who died last year told me, “He’s gone. He was only ten years older than me. Do I only have ten more years?” and we agreed we’d take ten more if we could be Lenard Cohen.

“Happens To The Heart” is the first official single from the folk legend’s last original and unreleased album, Thanks For The Dance, which has been reimagined for film by award-winning director Daniel Askill.

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