Awesome cannot be diminished by time. It can only be rediscovered.  Hold on to this during times of extreme horribleness.

When we say someone plays a lot of instruments it usually doesn’t mean playing them at the same time. Unless it’s Rahsaan Roland Kirk (1935-1977). But this wasn’t a street performer gimmick. Rahsaan was a legend, a prodigiously talented jazzman, an inspired and soulful performer, a one man reed section, and a tireless innovator, adapting not only […]

via Rahsaan Roland Kirk — The Blog of Funny Names  If you can’t see the video here go follow the link to The Blog of Funny Names.

I like my space.

It is winter in this a northern clime. i am out every day in all sorts of weather jangled by traffic.20170121_135345

Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy being a crossing guard. But i also like being home. Watching the weak light as it moves, as it hits long and low this patch of wall and then this table, this object, feeling a sweet sadness, savoured for its impermanence and quiet stillness.