I went “dark” for a couple of weeks.

I got a virus in my computer and after telling myself it could not be happening I finally took it to the guys at Staples so I was without a computer of my own for a while after several days of frustration that amounted to not having a computer.

I finished the top half of the quilt! I watched lots of television. I went to a funeral. I brushed the cat and cleaned the house. I survived a heat wave, I watered the planets, hosted a bridge club, a visit with small relatives… I put one foot infront of the other. I got my computer back!

I went swimming. I got really depressed. I am still here.

I don’t judge a person based on their ability to match socks. Or do I?

Seriously.  I found two of G.D.’s socks.  I keep all the odd socks in the workhouse for unmatched socks.  I go through every once in a while and often find matches for newly separated socks. “Close enough for jazz” as they say…

So when I saw G.D. had two on top her dresser I said, “I think I saw their partners…”

You see she has been semi bedridden for the last few weeks.  The laundry was piling up so I rifled through her basket and did the essentials, underware and pjs and socks. 

When I delivered the odds to her just now I said, “you can go through that box I have whenever you find you have one missing.”  (I have these moments when, in my disorganized-organization, I feel proud of my coping methods. PROUD. This was one of them.)

“Oh I know, but I never had an odd sock before.  I don’t know how this could have happened to me.  I NEVER lose a sock because I am CAREFUL!”  said she.

So I answered, “It’s alright you know, it happens, I don’t judge a person based on their ability to match socks.” and then I remembered:


Chest fallen I have writen this.  Question: Do I admit to her that I was at fault?

yesterday a chickadee landed on my skirt and hung there for a while

July 1st, 8:00
Okay, timing out the seconds it was maybe 20 seconds but it felt like a really long time. It was long enough that I did my “oh wow this can’t be happening” and then my “oh don’t screw this up, breathe…” and then he hopped off and went back to the little stream I had made from the hose coming from the rain barrels at the side of the house.  At this point he must have gotten a better look at me because he flew off, perhaps  after he did his, “oh wow this can’t be happening”, and then “oh, dear…”I have had many butterflies land on me, and dragon flies but never a bird!  It was weirder still because I almost forgot about it.  There was no one home (unusual) and I couldn’t even find a cat to tell!

So I posted it here a day later.