Debbie Downer

I have decided that my recent angst against optimistic slogans is not helpful.  I suspect that many people are freaked out about a lot of the things they see going on around them and in the world and so clinging to sayings like, “Sometimes when it seems things are falling apart they are really falling into place…” might make them feel better for the moments before things really fall apart, or not.  I also know that the world is simultaneously wonderful for some and that saying is statistically true for many pan-dimensional beings, of whom I have never consciously met but have read about AND possibly met in a dream.

My point is, I am going to keep my grim forebodings to myself and continue to work on my latest quilt.  Oddly, I am not depressed, just depressing.quilt (2) This I suspect was left by one of those pan dimensional beings, see no contact info.