Learning to Safely Cross the Street

I am at a crossroads in the my life so what do I do? I get a job as a crossing guard.

Thursday I get my I.D. badge etc. I am confident and have the a.o.k. from the neurologist.  No migraine in three months (a first in my lifetime).  I need the income and the city needs crossing guards.  It will mean covering a whole division but it is in my daughters area so if I need a pit stop I won’t have to come all the way home. It’s a better area than where I live. I live in the place where there is largely inadequate transit, and really long distances between libraries, coffee shops and places where one can hang out between shifts, important on those cold winter days.

I am looking forward to it.  I can bring my hand sewing with me and work on it in between morning, noon and afterschool shifts.  I am doing a lot of applique stuff right now.

I get training but in the meantime I am practicing in front of the mirror.


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No reason for posting this, just feeling orange, my father is in this painting, near the center.

I am still finding all the places, nooks and crannies where my mother resides, springing open into a million memories, I suppose since they can only be mine, what is springing open is my own mind; Like when the scent of orange peel evokes something more than the taste of oranges.