I am Rio the Clown

I was a Zen student with the White Wind Zen Community for many years and briefly a formal student after being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was given the Dharma name, “Ryojin” and told to practice with it, namely, it was my name.

I later “resigned” and was told I could not use my Dharma name anymore. So after signing many paintings with the name “Ryojin” and making new friends I decided to go with “Rio”.

Before that I was just “? the Clown.”

9 thoughts on “I am Rio the Clown

  1. HI, I hope I have found the right website…. if you remember I met you at the recent sale at the Sewing Machine Factory Outlet sale on Lawrence Ave. We talked about Guilds and I told you about the York Heritage Quilters’ Guild. Anyway I gave you the wrong location for the upcoming show. It is not at Edwards Gardens, but is at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre on Garamond, near Eglinton and Don Mills.

    Feel free to email me if you have other questions.

  2. Thanks for liking my latest post, and hello! and also good luck and happiness with your current activities. As the quote on my own blog says, “the path is made by walking,” so we are each constantly creating our own path through life. Clowning must be a very good mental as well as physical exercise, I imagine. You don’t have to be solemn, to be serious!

      • On here. I’m trying to mirror what I post to LJ for now, plus pull in work I have scattered around. That other wordpress I had populated with poetry and pictures that were therapeutic and inspired originally from chatting with darlinleo.
        I’m trying to pull this one together like a brand name and a place for all of my writing to go to live.

      • Do you think everyone will leave Livejournal? I am sort of shocked by how many are gone. I keep this for my more public stuff and Livejournal for my internal and personal rants. I am going to read your stuff. So, well, so you know…

      • I don’t have a public to worry about, but the focus of my WordPress is more about my creative writing than my daily outrage. I want to promote my writing, get peer opinions, and keep a visible progress line, for myself, of how my overall writing is evolving. As for ranting, sometimes I do it on facebook, but most of the time these days I just keep it to myself. No one really cares about my opinion unless it agrees with theirs and even then, they have their own opinion so they don’t need mine.
        As for livejournal, they haven’t kept up with the technology. They now lack proper compatibility with smartphones and the website crashes and stumbles so often users complain more than they are content. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else quite like lj.

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