It Doesn’t Mean Anything but it’s Fun


One of my earliest memories was reciting the poem, “If by chance you meet a frown, do not let it stay, quickly turn it upside down and smile that frown away.”  It was before I could read so my father made pictographs for me.  I got up in front of a large congregation in church and “read” it.  It came with a drawing of a frowning face that you turned upside down and it became a smiling face. I thought I was reading  directions for the nifty trick drawing.  I never took it to be a recipe for life. That would be unhealthy. 😦

Word play can be fun but not a good idea when it comes to solving serious problems.  Nevertheless a bit of fun can reduce stress.  So can cake.

The Maker Festival!


Shirley made a key chain with a 3D printer from the design she made!


I made some bling after learning some welding skills, thanks to a very patient volunteer!

cool chair

A very cool rocking chair/environment made by Oreka James, a young design student. I felt weightless in it, safe and calm, very comfortable!

2015-06-22 04.51.31 (2)

There were a few celebrities there, oh and the Mayor. pfff

We had a great time, the place was packed and there were lots of kids but no one was crying, there was too much to do! It is a free event going on at the Toronto Reference Library and it continues today!