Art is like beginning a sentence before you know its ending — sub rosa

There is something about setting a goal, giving yourself a challenge – and then telling everyone around about it. It obligates – sometimes in a good way. My declared & announced goal for the past two weeks, has been to produce a series of ten small still life paintings. «So Long, See You Tomorrow», (20 […]

Art is like beginning a sentence before you know its ending — sub rosa

Was Buddha a Buddhist?

There is nothing that is not Spring when Spring arises.

There is always a reflective dialing down, a fuzziness whenever we talk about it, more so when we make up a religion about it.

If we wake up, what are we waking up to? If you wake up, what?


I broke my promise. I am saying it again.

Words About

I promise I will only say this once, holding on to anger we can’t see our way and nothing can change. Engaging in conflict is never pro-active.

  • open acknowledgement of all beings,
  • exerting oneself towards understanding,
  • sustained commitment to the ending of all suffering

These things don’t get the blood boiling, don’t get the clicks or reactions on public media but nothing else matters. It is that simple. But in truth I say it everyday.


This is Buddha

This is Dharma

This is Sangha

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Looking Back: Quilts

This is an excerpt from a post on my blog “Quilting is My Addiction”.

Without getting too boring or pedantic, I want to say that what I love about quilts is thinking about the anonymity of all those who have thread their lives, industry, and economy into their art. I love imagining the stories they shared, heads bowed over needle, the hopes and secrets, surviving in the fibers, if we can only listen.

No quilt can be reproduced, not really, because it has time sewn into it.

There is an obsession with permanence and naming things that comes with Empires, stamping coins and art and contracts, (all with men’s names, never with the names of women or slaves which sometimes women were by law). But we never run out of the proof that there was always art that was made to gladden the heart, to ease the pain, to connect with hopeful birth and to commemorate loss.

And in a way these proofs that artists were there survive better than the art that is dependant on Dynasties or Holy Empires, because they borrow from each generation, each carefully cherished item and thread a different history, one that includes women and slaves and reaches out to a future undaunted by circumstance, for joy. 

Because Empires fall and art becomes fatuous.

But quilts become stories.

Just went to a launch for this charming book written by Peter Reynolds. First off, Quilts! Secondly, thirdly and well, I lost count — Time travel, an only child with siblings, and a tale of family and traditions!

A magical story, nicely illustrated and told with wit and compassion.

The Moon

I find writing excruciatingly difficult but it feels so good when I stop. And just having someone take the time to read something I’ve written thoughtfully is huge for me.

The idea of making enough money to live on from my writing is like comparing me, stumbling along with my bundle buggy to the grocery store, to an astronaut in a rocket shooting for the moon.

HOWEVER, I don’t think there is an astronaut who doesn’t see the same moon as I see when I am happy to sit by my window and stare at it.

Wight Christmas: Holiday Horror and Seasonal Subversion — David F. Shultz

Wight Christmas is a collection of gripping and creative holiday horror stories that subvert Christmas tropes, reinterpreting and reimagining them as ghosts, demons, supernatural entities, and paranormal phenomena. If you want to support this awesome anthology, please visit our Kickstarter campaign page and spread the word. Thanks everyone for your support!

Wight Christmas: Holiday Horror and Seasonal Subversion — David F. Shultz