Not Breaking out of my Comfort Fuzz.

That’s okay.  It will all work out. Spring will come. Just you wait and see.

That is my Comfort Fuzz working. 

It was suggested that I break out of my ‘comfort zone’ recently. I would like to point out that it is not really a Zone it is a more like a very small localized area of Fuzz.  It includes my really comfortable sandals, a great big soft fluffy housecoat, my favourite mug and my very old cat. I get can really upset about things, like foreign investors buying up local farmland to build a pit mine or gangland shootings in my neighbourhood and the terrible state of public transit in Toronto, but before I get in front of the computer to write a really scathing letter to someone, I find once again, I am in The Comfort Fuzz.

I have a vague nagging concern that it is this sort of non-responsiveness that turned the world into crap. 

Naw! Silly me! I just want more yummy Xmas cookies!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

8. Try to cheer up an on-line tech support person at your wireless phone providers website.

When she typed, “It’s my pleasure to help you.”  I typed back: “OMG you mean they don’t pay you?”  Which got a “har, har” and then she told me that she does in fact get paid. 

I tried to go with another company.  My choice in new provider seemed fitting because it was a really windy day yesterday, my contract was finished with the other company and due to watching WAY TOO MUCH TELEVISION this holiday season I heard about their GREAT DEALS.  I need very little from a wireless phone as I work at home. You can call it working.  Okay, I’m feeling blue again. I gave up switching because I don’t have a drivers license and I don’t know where my expired passport has gotten to and their debit machine was not working and I didn’t have enough cash with me.  Instead I went home and called my former provider and signed up for another three years.  In the hours that followed, granted I was inside and warm, I finally got my new Doro phone set up to be mailed.  It is a phone for seniors but now it is being made available for “senior minded” individuals like myself.  There is hardly anything you can do with it except phone for help.  It has BIG BUTTONS. 

I gave up switching after a bit of a depressing morning. I located the competition on line and decided I could walk. It was arduous walking into the north wind.  I had to bang on the door to get the lone employee to open the door.  I had double wrapped my scarf around my face to keep the needles of cold wind entering the little spaces around my hood. I felt like I should be in the movie “Doctor Zhivago” only as a frozen corpse, not as a lover…  I must have looked scary.

I think the lone employee thought no one would  be out to purchase a new cell phone on a day like that because she had passed wind. It must have been just before I got there.  It was very noticeable.  She made an excuse to go into the back but it seemed the problem was chronic as it was repeated by her as she tried to describe what it would take to get a “pay as you go” phone that I would barely use. 

Other people came in but they left.  I know they thought it was me who had passed gas.  I looked like a homeless person and homeless people take the blame for bodily odors in public places.  Really it is wrong.  I know this now.  It is difficult enough at this time of year for the homeless without people assuming they are always the ones passing wind in public places.

I am not beating the winter blues much, as you can tell.

Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

#4. Not drinking alcohol and eating nothing but oatmeal and vegetables for a week so you can go crazy on Christmas because you didn’t take back that new dress and you don’t think you can let it out yourself.

Okay, at first you will feel sad but if you remember WHY you are suffering you should feel a bit better.

I like oatmeal with a bit of cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Yes! It’s true. I’m wacky like that!

Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

3. Eat something starchy, sweet and full of fat!

Okay, you will feel bad later, especially when you can’t get into the nice clothes you blew your budget on to wear to the Holiday Party this year but you still have time to take them back.  Besides, you’ll never fit into them again anyway and it will just make you sad to have them around.  You can pick up a box of cheese or some Christmas cake and two-four of beer on your way home!

Is there anything more “feel good” than eating while watching cheesy Christmas movies?

Here’s how to let out a dress:  This is not me.  It’s scooped from the blog in the link here.  I think the dress looks good on her, not too tight at all!  Maybe it’s an after photo.

Activities to beat the Winter Blues

1. Snowshoeing.

It’s hilarious and just thinking about it makes me giggle. See it’s for walking on top of mounds of snow, like you might find out where they used set traps in the winter, you know, places where no man has been before, or at least not many…You have to sort of swing you leg around in a BIG ARCH and then *hop* to loosen the snow from it so you can lift your foot again. But now people do it for FUN!

Oh wait!  They went and improved the shape and made them lighter.  When I tried it forty years ago they were shaped like tennis rackets, made out of sapling wood and animal gut, and weighed a TONNE.  Oh that’s not very funny unless, according to You Tube at least, you get hurt.

I am sad.  I will have to come up with another winter activity to beat the blues…