I never made a toaster and I never tried, but I dreamt I made flour…

I  had a dream I was pouring the flour I had ground from the wheat I had sown into empty paint cans. (They were the only containers I had.) I was having a lot of difficulty because it was dark in the cellar I was working in.  I couldn’t find all the lids.  It was frustrating.  I had to walk further along a dark tunnel and at one point there was no light at all, I was feeling the walls to find the light switch but they were no longer stone but earth.

I bumped my head on a root from a tree.  I was still thinking about my flour, how it took so much effort I didn’t want it to spoil.  Soon I found I was in a cavern and aware that I was no longer safe, that I had gotten lost and infact, that I was going to die there and I was going to die at the hands of something terrible.

This is when, as so often in my frightening dreams, the ridiculous rides in on a unicorn.  Yes it was a Troll but one apparently I knew well and yes he had a unicorn with him, although he was not riding him.

So there you have it.  The story of my life:

Working hard in utter futility, getting into trouble because I wasn’t paying attention, rescued in the end by the ridiculous.