Stevland Hardaway Judkins, aka Stevie Wonder

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Happy Monday, everybody! Today we are ready to induct a living legend into the Funny Names Hall of Fame. Which is totally a thing. And totally exists. In fact, the FNHOF is actually housed inside a building somewhere. We just haven’t figured out where yet.

It’s a well-known fact that we here at Funny Names HQ appreciate and cherish all of our inductees, but sometimes there’s a person that really pushes the envelope, and darn tootin’ if today’s subject ain’t one of them!

We have theories on fellas with Funny Names growing up to be tough guys, a la A Boy Named Sue. We’ve christened this  the Kermit Can Kill Conjecture, and it’s one of our favorite Funny Names Theories (just kidding – naming a favorite Funny Names Theory is like deciding which of my children I’d like to eat*).

* Until I have reason to do otherwise, I’m…

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